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4 String T-40 or 5 string Jazz?

Cliff Fiscal

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I'm trying out for a cover band (actually, I've already got the "job") in about 2 weeks.......while I don't really care for their song selections, I'm just going to rock out, learn, and have a good time.


Back story: The singer in the cover band is my old singer......so he asked me to join this band as a 2nd guitar player......and I did. I played a handful of gigs with them....had fun....but in the end my college burden was getting too great to do both....or at least do both without one suffering.


So I quit the band on good terms. Fast forward.....the bass player they currently have wasn't working out. Spending less and less time learning the new songs.....not to mention he was kind of a n00b....so learning a song meant just hitting the root notes. *sigh* That was also part of the reason I quit.....he was the weakest link, and was getting weaker by the day.


Eventually, they got fed up with his lack of ambition and lack of dedication to the band. They invited me to "try out" about 2 months ago.....playing some of the songs I had already known from my guitar playing stint with them previously. I went in and took command.....they loved it.....everything was sooooo much tighter, more coheasive.

Well, the guitarist is the old bass player's best friend, and he works with him.......so he didn't want to kick him out just yet. To avoid drama at work, etc...

So about a week ago they broke down and told him they were killing the band (more like putting it out of it's misery :D). He took it well and they decided to finish out the scheduled gigs. ACtually, they said he seemed relieved...since it didn't sound like he was interested in playing bass anymore anyway.


They gave me the new set list.....around 40 songs.

Things like AIC, Green Day, Seether, Three days grace, puddle of mudd, godsmack....etc...


While those are really my cup of tea....I'm seeing this as more of a "job"...as in I'm being brought in to do my duty.....rock out and try to make this band better.


So....here's the question.....:facepalm:


They play everything is Eb or dropped Db....whatever the song requires.

The 'three days grace' songs they're playing utilize a low B string.....while my Jazz V works great for that sort of thing.....it just doesn't have the same kind of tone the T-40 has.....

I can still play the songs without a low B, but it sounds a little odd an octave up...:idk: Those are the only two songs so far out of 30 or so that uses the low B.


I like playing both basses, both have tones I like....so it's a wash to base it one playability.


What would you do? Just play the T-40 and quit whining or just play the jazz V and quit whining about it?


I've considered taking both, but I'd rather keep my gigging load low.

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A lot of those bands use drop tunings, but I'm a die-hard four stringer. I say go with the 5 jazz, strap it real low, and have an area in front of you to line up the shots.




The T-40 is really nice......4 stringers are more of my thing too......(I got a really really good deal on the JAzz V....that's the only reason I even have it....okay okay, I do like the thing too.)


I don't think we're going to mimic the actual tunings of each song.....just Eb and dropped Db. That would make the low B A# :freak: *~floppy~*


I can't stand strapping my bass that low.:cry:

...I also hate hangovers. :D

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Bring both anyway. You can use the T-40 for most songs, switch to the Jazz to both give your shoulder a temporary reprieve and let you cover the low B songs properly.


You should always gig with a back up. :cop: In your case, your backup serves a functional purpose too.

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