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The Zoom HD16.

This thing is the shiznit!!!




  • 8 Track Simultaneous Recording

  • 16 Tracks of 10 Virtual Tracks each (for 160 total recording tracks)

  • 60mm Faders

  • 80GB Internal HDD

  • CD Burner

  • USB 2.0 (for file transfer, and to control DAW software from the recorder) :thu:

  • Tracks are created as raw 16-bit 44.1KHz WAV files. No conversion needed. :thu:

  • Individual Highly Visible 5-Step LED Level Meters on Each Track :thu:

  • 8 Combo Balanced/Unbalanced Input Jacks w/ Preamps

  • 2 Hi-Z Instrument Inputs

  • 48V Phantom Power

  • Onboard Drum & Bass Guitar Sequencer

  • Sampler (samples can be up to 60 seconds each) :thu:

  • 3-Band Paragraphic EQ on Each Track

  • Onbaord Programmable Reverb/Delay/Chorus Effects

  • Full Steel Chassis :thu:


The downside:


The only outputs are stereo RCA jacks, a single 1/4" sub out, and a single headphone output. I don't really care about the line level outputs since this is a digital recorder... not a digital recorder masquerading as a mixing board. But I had dual headphone jacks on my last Zoom multitrack recorder... and that came in very handy at times.


Finally, the onboard preamps and effects are what they are - not great... but they are the most usable I've ever witnessed in a sub $1,000 recorder. Overall, I did like my last Zoom. But everything I didn't like about it has been changed and improved. :thu:

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