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Hows about them Phillies!


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My gawd, could the Rays have plaed any worse? They looked like my first-year Little League team, and that's not good. Catch many popups and fly-balls, guys? Ever play a ball off the outfield wall?.....of course you go right up to the wall and watch it bounce past you 50 feet and wait for the right-fielder to plod over.


Holy carp...the Phillies well deserved their victory last night and in the rest of the series. Congrats guys!!!:thu:


















* and this is from a born-and-bred Yankees fan.

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I was glad to see Brad Lidge get the close for the game.

He developed into a closer while here in Houston and struggled in 2005 when he gave up some HUGE home-runs. If my memory serves me correctly he gave up the HR to Pujols when the Astros all but had the game won. After that pitch he was doomed as an Asto, he could never get it back together.

He was traded less than a year ago (along with Eric Bruntlet) and has had a dream perfect season.

He showed that he is a class guy on the post game interview giving thanks to Jesus Christ, way to go Lidge and the World Champion Phillies!!


BTW did they riot and set cars on fire last night in the celebration???

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