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Chicago Shooters: HCBF Shootout

Brother Mango

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We might even be able to do a combined HCBF/HCAF shootout. I know MattACaster is talking to a few folks over there about getting together for an afternoon shoot then going to some brewery in Indiana....



I'm in!


I'm not a beer fan. Maybe we can really play BIG and go to a bourbon distillery in Kentucky.


Whichever. I'm in and legal and have plenty of time.

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Too bad I live too far away, I would definitely be down for a shoot.

FWIW, we need no ID card, we do need a permit now to buy a handgun.

I did sight in a buddies rifle he bought for his daughter last weekend, then shot my .45-70 guide gun and Sako .17HMRF. It is pretty sweet living in the country, I shoot in my yard.

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weekend would defintely work best.


Handgun ranges for the most part are inside. The only time you are going to be outside is if you go to one of the big ranges that also allow rifle, shotgun, and clay shooting.


I think L-1329 said there was a range up north closer to the Wisconsin border. I only know the ones in the south suburbs.


Most of the time it's $10-$15 for a range fee. Then the cost of ammo. Vanlatte - in your case - one of us would have to buy ammo or you'd have to buy some in Wisco and bring it along because you can't purchase in Illinois without a FOID.


A lot of ranges will offer guns for rent but I can supply the following


Beretta 92FS 9mm

S&W 9mm

SF 1911 .45

Buckmark .22

Ruger GP100 .357 Mag


and one or two .22 rifles - most handgun ranges will let you shoot these as they are also a handgun caliber. I've got a really cool 1971 Browning T-Bolt that was made in Belgium with a scope. A very nice old bolt action perfect for someone who's never shot a rifle before.

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