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Ok, so my band is releasing our first single next month, hopefully right on December 1st. We'll be having it available as a hard copy with CD sleeve and band photos, etc., and as digital download from iTunes, Amazon, Myspace, etc..

It should be pretty cool. It was recorded and mixed by guys that have worked with some pretty A-list names, and it should get some decent to excellent radio play around here and hopefully outside the state. It'll be only $.99, so I expect all you bastages to pony up!!! :mad:;)


Anyhow, one thing we considered was to make available an acoustic version of one of our more popular songs to anyone who downloaded or purchased the single. We would provide a code to download the song to anyone who has proof of purchase, like Starbucks does here-


So, we're trying to think of the best way to do this. We could either have our singer and manager individually send or email the additional track to everyone who requested it, which takes time, effort, and requires more hassle on the listener's part,


we set up somehow like Starbucks the song on a website that accepts an unlimited amount of passkeys or codes to download the track, that only comes with proof of purchase of the original single.


Has anyone ever done this before, and if so what'd you use? We're hoping to get a LOT of downloads from the traffic we get, obviously, so the quicker we could get the acoustic track out the better. As you all know, it's all about ease of use and immediate accessibility.

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