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New bass for a change?


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Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I figured I'de give it a shot...


I currently have a squier p-bass and am thinking about buying something new...


I play mostly indie, post, kraut, shoegaze, drone, metal, punk, etc... (aren't labels lovely:p0


Im currently looking at:

Peavey t-40 w/ dual humbucking pu

Fender Squire Vintage Modified Jazz Bass


Like the looks of a jazz bass, as offset guitars(jazzmaster, jagmaster) are very comfy. It's natural color is nice as well. Though I find jazz basses lack the sonic punch of a P-bass and sound thinner in attack.


Don't know much about the Peavey but looks like a nice workhorse and may b versatile as to pickup options.


These basses would prolly be played w/ 70's Sunn, HIWATT:thu: amps and pedals galore.


Any recommends?



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Budget? I'd go with the Jazz of those two, but if you can spend a bit (~$500) you can be looking at some very versatile basses, like the G&L L-2000/2500 or SB-2 Tributes (Used)


What is lacking from your current bass? Or are you just bored with it? (Nothin wrong with that, just askin :))

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