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OT: So where is Bin Laden, then?


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I don't know about you, but I'm a bit mystified how Bin Laden just disappeared from public consciousness. Isn't he the reason for Iraq, anti-terrorism measures, taking your shoes off in airports, and being deathly afraid of white powder in your mail, and more?

Seriously, what needs to be done here? What's on tap for the end of the Bush Administration, and what needs to be done with the Obama Administration?

I'm baffled how this Bin Laden "out of sight, out of mind" mentality came about. We've been had, people.

I want him dead. I want his head on a stick.

What are you so worked up about? President Bush said that bin Laden wasn't important. That should be good enough for the likes of you.

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Bin Laden is inbetween the end table and the sofa, where everything else gets lost. Right next to that one sock, last weeks TV Guide and the other remote.

If you find Bin Laden, you'll also find all of the guitar picks that I have dropped on the floor and into the 5th dimension over the years. :mad:

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