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Fallout 3


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Agree with KK... I played the hell out of Deus Ex. I'd love to see a newer version of it made, something more splinter cell-ish, but not requiring the same type of gameplay. More action, but more strategy than the original DE. It always seemed really quarky.

I just started my character over last night since I got a little ways into the game and realized the build I picked kinda sucked. Thats my only gripe with this game. For me, its a bit too open. I love it and enjoy it but the scope of it is just huge!

That's exactly why I liked it. There's so much to it, you just have to kick back and enjoy the game. Don't play it being result-driven; no thinking "omg I must do ___".

Also, for my evil character, I went back and resumed a save that I Had JUST before leaving the vault. I'm not sure if it was an auto save or something I did on my own, but maybe check if you have a save just before you leave as well. Then you can re-spec your character to how you want and get caught back up real quick :thu:

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