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NKD! New Kitten Day! (almost)


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I just found out officially today that my brother and his gf are going to officially bring me their kitten over the Thanksgiving break.


He found him (his name is Rory) outside his back porch, backed into the corner of his yard with the dogs on both sides of the chain link fences just barking incessantly at him. Was dirty and covered with fleas, but was friendly enough to come to them.


He since has been cleaned up and de-flea-d, and my bro says he is just awesome. Not a tiny tiny kitten, but still pretty young. Someone probably dropped him off on the road as he wasn't starving or extremely thin. I've just seen pictures from his phone and he is adorable! He said he's just like a puppy- as soon as you get home he's up and meowing and wants to be picked up and to play and cuddle, and when you leave he just sleeps and rests.


As a lot of you know I lost one of my kitties Alex (in my avatar) a few months back in August, and he was a big dumb male who loved attention and to be loved on and petted and would sleep with me, etc.. My remaining cat won't do it, for whatever reason she hates being picked up but loves being petted.


Anyhow, I'm super psyched as I was about to go look for a new little male and glad I waited. His personality seems great and he'll have the best home possible.




Pics asap, of course!

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