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Bands like Protest the Hero?


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Some of these suggestions might be a stretch

Dream Theater

Symphony X

The Mars Volta



Neurosis mid career

that's all i got for now.


I'm a big DT fan. Symphony X I can get into but don't like too much, Mars Volta I can't enjoy either. But I will check out the other bands though, thanks!

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Killswitch Engage


Have you seen their live DVD "Set This World Ablaze?" It's sick, amazing show. I can't count how many times I have watched it. I even lifted the audio off of it to turn it into mp3's sop I could listen to it in my headphones on the road too.


The bonus footage of them behind the scenes is great too. Watching Adam eat a giant ball of Wasabi with no water is worth the price alone. :lol:

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Pagan's Mind

Vanden Plas


Scale The Summit

Vision Divine

Pagan's Mind are {censored}ing cool thanks man.


I'm in the process of checking the rest out now. :thu:


EDIT: OK Now after listening to a few songs, the Vocals are getting on my nerves. I'll grab an album and see how I go.


I likes Vanden Plas too man, thanks again!

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Nils Rue's voice is VERY interesting. While it's not the most user-friendly sound, I love how DIFFERENT it is. Sick and tired of every modern prog metal band trying to sound exactly like Dream Theater. Sound AWESOME. That's the ONLY prerequisite. After that, be original and unique. Which is exactly why I love his voice. I have a more Tobias Sammett/Bruce Dickinson sounding voice when I'm singing like that. But Nils has a voice that's really very unique.


He's also a PSYCHOPATH on stage! The guy has ridiculous stage energy! Always engaging, always moving, and best part.... can actually sing what he records! He's no {censored} screaming like mad on an album then wimping it up on tour, he really does blast away with his voice in utter perfection.


If you're going to grab a whole album, I'll recommend Enigmatic: Calling. It's a tremendous disc. The first song is kind of a sleeper, it's okay, but hints towards greater things. Second song is faster, more powerful. Third song has an awesome riff and great keyboards. Fourth song is the song of the disc! FANTASTIC! Huge song in three movements, with an insanely awesome finale. One of those songs that instantly puts you in a GREAT mood. Just throw the horns, and BASH your head off!


Vanden Plas is kinda the German equivalent of Dream Theater. Another trememdously talented vocalist but a smoother, more accessible voice. If you can, find their cover of Kansas' Point of Know Return. THAT is how you do a cover song! So freakin awesome. A truly crafty bunch of songwriters. Some of their stuff is a challenge, though. Gotta hear it a dozen times to wrap your head around it. but once you do, heh heh...


Vision Divine is FAST. Great power metal, but a lot of progressive influences in some of the songs. They had Fabio Lione of Rhapsody singing on the first two discs, and they suck. Leave em be. They got a permanent singer by the name of Michelle Luppi, when they released Stream of Consciousness. EXCELLENT singer. True banshee screamer, can hit notes an air raid siren would fear! Great for old-school speed metalheads, yet some excellent ballads. The final song on that album is a real emotional ride. Powerful stuff.

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see i wouldn't think DT, SX, vanden plas, or pagan's mind would have a lot of stylistic similarity to protest the hero.


i'd think more along the lines of:


between the buried and me

the human abstract


more tech metal than prog rock/metal influenced, to me. but if you're digging the prog stuff, check out:


circus maximus



Or the metal side:

scar symmetry!!!! (their latest is sick. great album!!!)

soilwork (specifically, the album natural born chaos!!)


report back!

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Ahh, Circus Maximus. Isolate is a KILLER album. Saw them twice now, down at ProgPower USA.


My brother totally digs Redemption. He's hoping to see a tour come to town.


Scar Symmetry is BIZARRO EXTREMO!!! Crazy stuff, man. So crazy. Love to spin that during house parties and see people go WTF?


My brother digs Soilwork. I kinda haven't had time to absorb their stuff yet.

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Mars Volta is sick, but I doubt they'll please him.

I dont know much heavy rock like this:

In Flames

Killswitch Engage

It Dies today

All That Remains



i've been checking out the latest all that remains disc, called "overcome". it pretty well kicks ass. a bit different than the "fall of ideals", but it's pretty badass. great melodies, too.


it's not as rip-your-face-off as "ideals" was. screams are not as blood-curdling. more clean vox, which sound great. processed as hell, but great.


some SICK drum work on this album, too.

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The Faceless- Planetary Duality (just dropped on tues.)

Cynic- Focus (the godfathers of tech jazz metal)

Gorod- either album is excellent

Brain Drill- over the top tech

Toxik- think this (tech thrash greatness)

Spawn Of Possession- Noctambulant (tech death metal)

Psycroptic- scepter of the ancients, symbols of failure, or the new one (tech death goodness)

Coprofago- any

Meshuggah- tech thrash with eccentric time sig mutations

Sieges Even- Lifecycle, sophisticated, steps......(tech prog metal)

Watchtower- any (the godfathers of tech thrash)

Death- any- but especially ITP and Human (the godfather of modern melodic tech death?)

Aghora- s/t (Cynic clones but still decent)

Alarum- Australian tech death greatness

Necrophagist- tech death

Arsis- melodic tech death

Between the buried and me- Colors

Thought Industry- tech prog/thrash with some quirkiness (highly recommended)

Capharnaum- tech death

Martyr- Hopeless hopes, warp zone, feeding the abscess (tech death- the best!-----from Canada!)

Atheist- any and all (tech death/thrash- early innovators)

Sadus- visions of misery (with Steve Digiorgio- great bassist!)

Gorguts- Obscura, From wisdom to hate (redefining what metal is- tech death)

Mekong Delta- tech thrash inspired by classical music

Winds- melodic tech prog metal (Norway)

Spiral Architect- a sceptic's universe (tech thrash with OUTSTANDING and UPFRONT Bass playing!) this one would be another could one to check out!

Extol- Synergy (tech thrash)

Believer- (tech thrash)

Aletheian- tech death/thrash

The Dillinger Escape Plan- Irony is a dead scene (with Mike Patton), and most of their other material is worthwhile too.

Into The Moat- tech death/thrash

Ion Dissonance- breathing is irrelevant (tech deathcore)

Scar Symmetry- any (melodic death- with both growl and clean vox)

Theory In Practice- tech death that is superb!

The Mars Volta- great prog/ambient/experimental stuff that just rocks!

Deathrow- Deception Ignored (great tech thrash)

Symbyosis- on the wings of phoenix (or anything) - tech death

Deeds of Flesh- the new one




ah hell, just go here and investigate:


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Wow cool, thanks for that man, and the link is good too, I'd forgotten about that place


no problem...if you have other quesitons regarding any of the bands, you can ask me.....or consult the reviews at the Progarchives site on that link I posted! As you can tell, I am quite the fan of similar music..... :thu:

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