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Do you ever get a song to which you just don't get tired of listening? (YT)

King Kashue

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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have to be one of my favorite bands that I listen to the least, almost not at all. Every time I hear one of their songs I wonder why the {censored} I'm not listening to them all the time. I hate myself. :mad:


Speaking of songs I never get tired of, I was at the Smashing Pumpkins show tonight and they have some music that I simply will never tire of. Stuff like this:




Tonight they went from heavier than the Blackest of the Black show I saw a few weeks ago, to incredibly delicate and beautiful.

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Back when I was young Toto's Rosanna came out and I listened to the single on my crappy record player with built in speaker (ahh, those were the days :-)).

Took me about a week to listen to the B-side.




Since then that song always has, still does, and probably always will send shivers down my spine.


So does this one:




Don't watch the vid though, it's really cheesy.


There's a few more like Highway To Hell, or Hangar 18 for instance, but those two will be with me to the grave.

Did I mention that I play Bass in a Metal Band? :)

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