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here is the S32 console cabinet which houses the snake, Power cords, lighting console, Rack equipment and a lot of other stuff.

this cabinet allows me to keep the board hooked up, the only thing I have to do is roll out the break out box end of the snake and pull out the power cords

which saves me about an hour of set up time each week.


I just thought I would share some pics to give you other sound guys some ideas on how to make something like this for your equipment.


Here is a view of the cabinet closed


here is a pic in use

one side of the lid doubles as a table top.

the console sits on a table top that actually slides out which is a cool feature but is probably a little overkill because I dont use it.


here is a pic of the on board rack and storage shelving


here is a view of the power cord and snake housing compartments




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Very nice. I recently did the same thing and now am down to 2 racks. Foh gets the snake send and returns. FX, comps, EQ and IEM's stay connected. Amp rack contains EQ for the 2 wedge mixes, DR-260 for FOH and all amps. Powercons, XLR's and speakons are all routed to a panel. It has saved a ton of time.

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