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Tiny head and advise.


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This guys pulls up to his favorite bar and notices a Rolls Royce parked out side. He goes in, has a seat orders a beer and looks around. He notices this Very musclular dude sitting at the other end of the bar with an extremely small head. Intrigued by this site, he walks over and asks the guy why he has such a small head. The muscular man with the small head begins to tell the inquiring man that one summer day he was laying on the beach, when this Genie bottle washed up. When he opened it, a beautiful Genie came out and granted him 3 wishes. First he wish to be very very rich. The second wish was to be built like Arnold. Then the Genie said you have 1 more wish for me to grant. The guy thought long and hard and he stared at the Beautiful female Genie in front of him. He then said, ok for my 3rd wish, how about a little head.

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