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Anyone see the Mythbusters cameo on CSI?


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Okay, this may be old, but...


Thought I noticed it before in this episode last season. Saw a rerun of it tonight. Yup, it's in there. It's the one with a guy bursting into flames when the police taser him at lockup. And a number of people with green blood. A lady welding out back in her yard 'cuz she's an artist, having squirrel wars with a neighbor's cat who she poisoned...


Anyways, it's in the part where George Eads is testing the type of pepper spray the cop used on the feller they zapped. He soaked the dummy with the spray, then the tazer, and saw if the dummy ignited. The first go-round, it was him and Marg doing the testing, and it was a dud. The second time around, after talking with the cop and finding out it was a different spray with a different base, their jello dummy burst into flames. George then looked out the safety window, and shared a thumbs-up with Jamie and Adam standing on the other side of the glass, with their clipboards and a satisfied look.



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