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I sold a vintage fender and bought this...


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I had my 1976 fender for about 6 months. I used it to cruise to rock, jazz, latin, and even Fusion gigs. Festivals, bar gigs, restaurant gigs, corporate stuff too. Overall I was very happy with the look, even if it wasn't the ideal unit for a particular car I was driving it was still totally bitchin'.




Gradually though, I began to want some more flexibility in my vehicle and I hated being limited by only 4 seats. Also, the interior of the TA started getting to me in long drives or in the last mile of the night. So I took a chance. I sold the TA and bought a 1972 Citroen D21FH Break. I spent a good week haggling on price and working out details of the deal (with a very nice seller). Then another 2 weeks waiting for the eCheck payment to clear. And finally I waited a week and 1/2 for the pink to arrive by mail.


Well, it was worth it!! This Break is post-Michelin era, but pre-crappy electronics era, so I got it for what I consider an excellent price. It has 4 spheres that are very easy to access, an excellent hydraulic system, and it only weighs 3500 lbs! I've only had it for a few days, but I can't put it down - and I don't have to because my butt barely registers that I'm driving at all! I've only used it on one gig so far, but it drove GREAT and sat beautifully in the road. It sounds less aggressive than my glass-pack loaded TA, but I actually like the edge it gives. I've been favoring using it in full-height mode once we get some snow. I will get to use it tonight at a rehearsal with a Latin band and I have high hopes for an excellent drive!


Well thanks for listening to me rant in excitement. Here are a couple pics:




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