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i miss my cab and playing bass


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ok...so I'm mainly a guitar player but had been playing a lot of bass lately through my hartke ha3500a + 410T ashdown engineering cab.


About a month ago I told myself that I would just stick to guitar and I sold the cab but haven't been able to sell the head.


I've been invited to jam with this band and they need a bass player. I went there yesterday and I really meshed really well with their sound (a lot better than if I were invited to play guitar for a band lol). I walked out of there missing playing bass like crazy. Love how the bass just fills everything in, colors the whole sound, complements the guitar and follows the drum. :love:


I'm starting to think I enjoy playing bass more than guitar(maybe cause i'm better at bass? haha) :confused::confused:


I regret selling the cab for so cheap :facepalm::cry:


I find myself looking for a bass cab as I type this.


just a rant from a hcf nublet.

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