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I need the legal council of the HCBF legal team!


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Yesterday I was walking to my car, and took a nasty spill on some ice. This happened on the streets of downtown St. Paul. St. Paul has a reputation for NOT shoveling or salting their roads. At all. I'm in pretty bad shape and my wife is about to drive me to the hospital. I called a close friend who works in sports medicine, and she told me that there is a possibility of internal bleeding since nothing feels broken, but the pain is definitely not a bruise.


Can the city of St. Paul be held responsible if this turns into some really outrageous medical adventure??


I'm assuming not, but who knows...


I'm on my way out the door now, so I won't be able to respond to messages, but I will be able to read them, so fire ways, god knows the waiting room should take at least an hour.

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