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finished up a 5e3 today


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and it's GOOD :)

clips :

this is my hamer tele copy running into one of my trem pedals.i turn the depth down and volume up on the trem to goose the front end of the amp throughout:



here's the hamer straight into the amp.all the gain variations are done from the guitars volume knob:



the speaker still isn't broken in completely.the amp should mellow out a bit over the next 8-10 hours or so.




she's going to a studio so she'll have a cushy life.her new owner will be feeding her lots of nice vintage guitars and keeping her in a climate/humidity controlled environment.

here she is (let's call her bertha :thu:)








and here she is with one of her new roommates (it's in for a retube and plate resistor swap) :



i know you guys usually only get to hear me bitch about build quality issues so i figured i'd show you one of my builds.this is a mojo kit with a couple of small changes.i've been experimenting with different types of wire lately and this amp is built with 100% solid core in the signal path. i could go into corksniffery mode and describe the tonal advantages but , let's just say it sounds great.clips to come tommorrow.

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Did you build it from a kit or source your own parts?



thanks man.

this one was a kit. i've got a dealer account with mojotone so the kit actually costs me less than it would to source all the parts.mojotone's kits are all really good quality parts so you don't have to swap out anything.

i'm gonna be starting a 50 watt jcm800 head next that i sourced all the parts for and it's already cost me a bit more (without a headshell) than this whole amp did :facepalm:

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where is the animal/beard hair? how are you supposed to get good guitard tone without it?


bwahahaha.i'm working on getting a patent for my "Mojopouch". essentially, it's a pouch mounted in the amp that you can load with hair,cigarette butts,wasps nests,spiders, rat turds etcc... (you know, all the stuff you would normally find in a 40 year old amp or quality built "new" amp).

this amp does not have one.i don't wanna give away any of my secrets before my paperwork comes through :thu:

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Too bad you weren't the guy wiring up my Dano amp - Kindness posted some rather untidy pics.


those danelectros sound great but they are something else when it comes to working on them.mine's got a noisy cap somewhere in that mess of spaghetti as well.

i had one of those big daddy 50 watt supros a couple of years ago that was made in the same factory around the same time period.i'll never forget the experience.


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