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$60 Kay Guitar


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I know this isn't the guitar forum, but...

Could you guys help my identify this, please? :confused:














"It comes with it's own case, 3 pickups, and 3 way selector switch."


It looks like http://wutzdog-guitars.de/inventory/inventory-details/article/1965-kay-solidbody/.


Here's one on ebay.





I found it on CL.

Should I get it?

Thanks, all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :wave:

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I wonder if there's any practical way the playability issues can be resolved.



i worked in a store that bought a truckload of those old jap store branded guitars (n.o.s.) so i had to work on about 40 of the damn things.

some of them were playable out of the box but the majority of them had bad nuts, misshaped bridges, bad necks and mis-drilled tuners. they're made of plywood so any kind of work that requires removing wood is a huge pain in the ass.

you could get the bad ones at least playable by putting in a new nut ( or doing tons of work on the stock one) and shaving and relocating the bridge. the string tension on them was all over the map though and if you got one where the strings felt tight you might as well chunk it.

the pickups in them DO kick major ass though.they reminded me of a weak filtertron or something - just a really great open natural semi chimey sort of vibe that gets really raunchy with a bit of distortion.

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