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Uh Oh!


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OK. There's small issue with the MM Sig!!!!

(This is the bass from the NGD THread.from earlier...)

There is an indentation on the 3rd and 5th near the blocks. It's the only flaw on the bass but I'm wondering if it's something I need to tend to. It looks like some dug a ball point pen or a metal punch into it. Doesn't afftect the playability. Does not seem to be through to the wood.


Fret board guru's help m 'slpain this.... Sorry the pics suck. It's hard to get it to show up.


Between the D and G above the block (5th fret)




Between the Aand G above the block (3rd fret)




Headstock towards the right:





Anything to worry about or just play it and forget it???

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It won't have any affect, but if its worrying you that much it can be filled in with a small drop of super glue and sanded flat.


Eff it then! I'll just playit. I know a good tech if it's ever an issue.


Now we know why I got that peice of {censored} so cheap!!! ;):o

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