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CNY guys.....I need a,


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DRUMMER!!!! if any of you guys know any that are available please let me know. I am about to start a "mule" type project in syracuse thats covered member wise. But there is another thing I am desperatley seeking a drummer for. If i can get it together with even 35 min of music i can do a good 40-60 shows this summer with my buddies band.

Music....if you throw one of each in a big bowl......Motorhead, Clutch, Cream, Moutain, Led Zep, Johhny Cash, B.N.S.(old) , Ledyard, C.O.C., Mule, Old Hank Williams, a 440 hemi, a 427 Chevy, A sawed off double barrel shotgun, a big, rusty 4x4, A stroked Harley, brass knuckles and an American flag....and shake well....thats it.

4 pc is fine, no double kick is fine, just serious groove and ability.

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