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"The End of White America"


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Yes, but who's to say how you differentiate
Africans who are also Americans besides the people who are just black and live and were born here?

They don't like the mixing of the two.

It isn't the same, and why the ties and claiming of the "homeland" doesn't sit well with many.

Yea I dunno, that's an interesting point. I guess what I'd say is that the cultural distinction isn't just racial, it's also socio-economic. They're from the motha{censored}in' streeeeeeeeeeeeets kinda thang. :o

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It's going to be like that book, "the Time Machine". Have you seen the old movie. It's going to be a push to all the same genetics, same olive type skin color, same hair. Everybody will be the same in a few more centuries.

Yes, you're right. And evil Morlocks will hunt us for food! :evil::freak:

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Attendant: Can I get you something?
Jiveman #2: S'mo fo butter layin' to the bone. Jackin' me up. Tightly.
Attendant: I'm sorry I don't understand.
Jiveman #1: Cutty say he cant hang.
Woman : Oh stewardess, I speak jive.
Attendant: Ohhhh, good.
Woman : He said that he's in great pain and he wants to know if you can help him.
Attendant: Would you tell him to just relax and I'll be back as soon as I can with some medicine.
Woman : Jus' hang loose blooood. She goonna catch up on the`rebound a de medcide.
Jiveman #2: What it is big mamma, my mamma didn't raise no dummy, I dug her rap.
Woman : Cut me som' slac' jak! Chump don wan no help, chump don git no help. Jive a$$ dude don got no brains anyhow.

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Yes, you're right. And evil Morlocks will hunt us for food!

bwahaha...those evil CG morlocks...liked the original movie better.

Racism will never disappear because those that fight against it are practicing it themselves. They only do it because they feel oppressed. Once they are on the other side of the coin they will end up doing the same thing. Already seeing a lot of black people starting to do it more and more.

Even if everyone becomes brown or olive they'll just use different categories, probably based on eye color. I can already see a blue eyed vs brown eyed civil war....

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