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New Bass From a Box of Parts Day.


A few (4?) years ago, I bought an LPB SX jazz bass. Within a couple of weeks, I found myself on the work bench with an iron and a set of pliars, pulling the frets out of it's neck. A few months later Rondo had some black blocked and bound SX necks for sale so I decided to pretty up my bass, rendering my defretted neck useless, so it was shoved in a closet somewhere.


In the meantime I acquired and sold a fretless Squire VM jazz that never really worked for me ( I think it was the ebonal).


Earlier this week, s4001 sold me his orphaned SX Jazz body and today I matched it up with a bunch of leftover SX parts I had from my original SX jazz purchase.


I was hoping it would look a little more akward (lpb headstock, black body), but here it is (please excuse the poor lighting).



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A franken-SX! Looks pretty damn good to me, I like the black w/ tort.


I is fail. I was hoping it would look really bad but I guess the painted headstock doesn't make that much of a difference.


btw, I agree that tort on black looks pretty sweet.


Here is a side-by-side donor-recipient shot:



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