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Craig Vecchione

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Whoa! That's what I call a good selection.


They actually have Norwegian beer there as well! Norwegian beer is usually weak and awful lager, but the guys over at Nogne O really know what they're doing. I've recently sampled a lot of their beers, and I can really recommend all three they've got:



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I do not hate Rogue beers, how dare you! I simply think they are far from the best brewery in Oregon. I'd probably rank them in the top 10 breweries but they'd be near the bottom of the list.

I also hate the sheep that follow along with whatever Rogue does and the snobbish attitudes that come along with them.




I'll agree there are better Oregon beers, and that Rogue has brewed some real stink-bombs. I'm just happy as a pig in sh*t to see Oregon beer being offered east of the Mississippi. :D

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Since then, I've discovered Bell's version of the "extreme hop" beers, and I prefer it to Hop Whallop


Just as hoppy but smoother, not as....tangy, I guess.


Why you pokin' me with a stick, man? T-broom say he love him da' hops, and I's he'pin' out as I kin...;)


The Hop Wallop is completely undrinkable for me. Yeah, 'tangy' is a good word for it...or maybe "bite". It grabs the back of my throat and slams it around.

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