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New Home Theater Finally Complete!


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Now as soon as my TV gets back from repairs, I'll be golden!


Center: Polk CSiA4

L/R: Polk M20's

L/R Surrounds: Polk FXi/A4's

Sub: Elemental-Designs A2-300


The Yamaha is great, too (667 model). I have extra L/R Surrounds from my old Kenwood setup that I could use as my L/R Center Surrounds to get the full 7.1 from the Yammy, but I don't feel like running another 100' of wire, AND the FXi's are designed to be both L and R firing, so even with 5.1 you get the simulated "center surround" effect.


Now when the Hitachi returns I can fire up the Blu-Ray and crank it! :thu:


The sound is glorious. Definitely in HT more than anything, IME you get what you pay for.

I didn't go crazy nuts expensive with the setup, as the receiver and Blu-Ray were gifts, but man these Polks are just amazing.

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I've been really curious to put a set of those FXiA4's on the rear channels. So the L/R firing is worth the extra coin?



I got mine w/ full Manuf. warranty refurbed from the Polk Audio Direct eBay store for under $150...

Same for my center channel, which was like $115.


I worked a LONG time at looking and testing out what I wanted to get, and you can't tell these aren't new.


I'm not sure how much they are "real" new, but for what I paid, they're can't miss.

And yeah- multi-directional design works wonderfully. It really spreads out the surround "sound", as opposed to just going straightforward. There are no dead spots or "breaks" within the sound, no matter where I go in the listening area, if that makes sense. Which is great for me, as my room is more wide than deep, and the surrounds are only behind me, and not on my L/R as you'd usually have.

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