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I'm pretty much a white guy


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This is an interesting snapshot of a white stereotype that has no foundation in what everyone likes to say is the whitest of white political movement--conservatism. That cracks my cracker-ass up! Oh, wait, by this definition, I'm about as un-white as anybody in Compton! Or the Congo, for that matter.


On the other hand, just across the freeway in Eugene lives the whitest of all white people by this list's description--this list fits them to a "T", and they aren't in my party that's fo' dayum sho'.



Ahhhhh, the joys of stereotypes, ya gotta love 'em. :thu::thu:

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It's not too different than writing horoscopes. You choose a bunch of things that are pretty popular in general, and then attribute them to the group. Someone's bound to fit them. When you've got well over a hundred, you'll get plenty 'nough matches that folks might think you're really on to something.


Do only whites like coffee? Don't think so.:rolleyes:

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