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NUPD... New Used Pickup Day


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I scored some Bartolini soapbar humbuckers from a friend last night... time to rout-out the pickup holes in my Jazz. They test good with my DVOM, and have 9Kohms and 11Kohms.




W4 soapbar shape

W4CBC - dual coil humbucker

available in neck (B) and bridge (T)

List Price $ 125USD/ea.


This should be FUN!!!! :D

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That Jazz should look sweet with those!

I'm expecting a new pickup this week too, but I'm not keeping it. It's like that red paperclip thing...lol
I'm trading it for another pickup.


The EMG's in my Jazz are great... but not for my kind of music. Everybody comments about how great they sound :poke: Just too clear and hi-fi for me.


They will be sold/donated sometime later this week, along with the pots and battery clips (18 volts).

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