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So I recently found and posted this local ad for an acoustic 215 cabinet from the late 70's (ad is now deleted, this is a link to my thread about it with pics)


So I messaged the guy because I didn't see that he was willing to take trades.

I asked him whether or not he would want to trade for my old beat up MIM Jazz with the huge spot of paint missing in the side where the elbow sits down to the wood and has chips of paint all over




He said he'd be willing to trade.


Now comes the real question. Do I really need this cab, I have a 4x10 and a 2x10. I feel as though my rig needs more bass frequencies and these 15's could do it, but I that would be 3 cabs... two of which would be at 8 ohms (my 2x10 and 4x10) and this acoustic cab is rated at 4 ohms... Meaning I wouldn't be able to run it at a stable load with my Mesa... What do you think?


The jazz is fairly beat up, but I changed the bridge to a black badass II bridge a long time ago, and i changed the original pickguard to a black one. It's basically been sitting around my apartment for a year and a half now not being touched let alone played since I got my american jazz and grabber.

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