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Post yer cat


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My Roommate's furry tanker, Gemma (pronounced Hay-ma). She has a thing for recently worn footwear.



My sister's cat Bandit, after she finished devouring the walls



Three of my nieces and the one on the far left's kitten, Simba.



And my mother's cat, Felix



...who apparently has something against me writing thank you notes


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Man that is a freaky pic


Yeah, it was a lucky shot.


There is no photo enhancement of any kind going on there, just your typical red eye shot, but the light came out orange and her pupils werent dialated so you still see most of the color.


Odd thing about this cat, Toon Toon, most of all the cats I ever see have eyes that glow green at night when you shine a light in them. Her eyes are always orange like in the pic though. I am sure she is not the only one, but seems like most cats eyes glow green. All the other cats I have ever owned have eyes that glow green at night with lights shined on them.



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