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Anyone dig the Black Box line of EBS Pedals?


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These mostly get high marks in reviews, but are pricey $200-249.


I tried out the Multicomp and think it will be a good fit in my current pedal board.


Anyone have any thoughts on the Dynaverb or Unichorus?


I'm considering both, but having a hard time finding them to try out for myself.







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Any noise issues for anyone? I heard as long as you don't max out the knobs you can get a great sound.


Also, any advice for which pedals to run through the effects loop?


Sorry, last amp was a Line 6 guitar combo with a floorboard, so everything was built in. I'm kinda getting the hang of setting up a traditional pedal chain.


My goal is to set up the pedal chain to minimize noise/hum and get the best tone.


I think the Dynaverb should go in the effects loop, but not sure about the Multicomp. Probably best between the bass and the amp.


Btw, will be playing a Fender Jazz bass through a CMD-102P Markbass combo (same head as Little Mark II)


thanks everyone-

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Thanks Mytola.


It's unfortunate that the rehearsal space that my band uses is a guest house converted with soundproofing and carpet on the walls. I brought my new bass amp down last week and finally dialed in an awesome tone.


Then, the owner of the house came down and said that the bass is too loud and that is' shaking the back wall of the house.


So, hopefully I can find a good blend on my own and tweak it accordingly for gigs.


I managed to pick up a dynaverb pedal online (used) this morning. Hope the seller gets it to me asap.




For now, I have to keep it at home.

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