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OT: Saving Abel guitarist charged in sex assault


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This may sound silly, but if they have no pic id with their BD on it, they can't come back stage with us.




That's not silly, that's good policy.


I can see a young guy in a band making the mistake, but the guy in Saving Abel was 33. He's old enough to know that he should be covering his ass and not putting his dick in anything that hasn't passed a background check.

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Here's an interesting test that was a bit of a shocker for me: Ask yourself
"when was the last time I was afraid of being attacked/afraid for my safety?"
...Then ask your wife, your mom, sisters, female friends.



this is truth.


my wife used to be a social worker and was active in sexual assault counseling, so i've been aware of this for quite some time. it's one of the main issues in our discussions to stay in our current neighborhood north of detroit or move somewhere in the city. it's one thing for me to go for a run in a marginal neighborhood. it's another thing entirely for her to do just about anything outside in a marginal neighborhood. even the nice parts of detroit proper are too small to be as safe as where we live now.


as a runner, this is a topic i discuss with a lot of my female friends who also run. even in the suburbs safety is not as obvious as you'd like to believe. i can't imagine what it would be like to have to be aware every single moment you're outside of the house.



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