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WOT: Florida's Auto Insurance Laws!?!


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A relative in a Florida college has two friends borrow his car to go on an errand. While on said errand turning left on a green arrow, a wonderful person in an SUV runs the redlight to the right and T-Bones my relative's car right in front of the passenger's door. Car is totaled(picture NASCAR T-Bones), jaws of life extract relative's friends, junked car is dragged onto a hauler. Law enforcement gives neither party a ticket because "there were no witnesses" other than the two now-hospitalized friends and the SUV driver. Florida is a partial "No Fault" state. Texas is not.


Who pays for what?

Driver has secondary(?) coverage on parents' policy.

Relative is hearing that his insurance pays everything, plus he's out of a car, plus his rates would go up(or get cancelled), etc.

Is my relative hosed because someone else FUBAR'd?


Thanks for your input current and past Floridians!

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