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Case for Lakland 44-02


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Pelican Cases.


1720 Long Weapons Case Inside length 42 inches will hold MANY a bass.





My favorite points of the design:


1. NO chrome round feet on the bottom. Everything is molded in, nothing to snap off.

2. NO chrome latches. Only kickass recessed latches, nothing to snap off.

3. Stainless steel hinge pins with ribs to protect and reinforce them, not cheap chrome hinges riveted, nothing to snap off.

4. WATERPROOF GASKET ALL THE WAY AROUND. {censored} that snow and rain! Bitches! HAHAAA!!!


Starting at $159.99 for the base model, $194.01 with wheels, and #312.95 for... I dunno WHY that one is so much more expensive.




Also, PlastiCase.


Large-Oversize iM3200 Inside length 44 inches. Even more kickass for larger basses.





$189.00 on Amazon.




EDIT: Now... I've seen the prices Guitarded Center charges for some of their super-duper SKB cases with all the bells and whistles. My friend has a Pelican AND a PlastiCase for his AV equipment and his Xbox 360 and widescreen monitor.


SKB, while they make excellent rack cases for amps and PA gear...




The foam guts of these cases can be cut and trimmed EXACTLY how you like it. Got a thicker strap? Cut a deeper side pocket! Got a wireless transmitter electric-taped to that strap? Cut an even DEEPER side pocket!


Nor does SKB sell anything nearly as good as these cases, ANYWHERE near these prices. $275 to get the good stuff from SKB. They simply cannot compare to these prices. $170 for the Pelican after shipping? Sheeeeeit. I'll tell em don't even bother with a box, ship it AS IS. And yes, I'll even be brave enough to say, SHIP IT UPS! They CANNOT {censored} this case up!



I'm telling ya. Next guitar/bass case I need, WON'T be a guitar/bass case.

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I live in a country where, through a mixture of governmental hysteria and airline cupidity I am not allowed to fly with a jar of heather honey from Scotland to England.


If I put my bass in a gun case the least the idiots will do is subject my bass to a controlled explosion.


Thanks anyway.


I may just emigrate.

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