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Just got this one, entitled "Puppy adoption".



My Name is Evangelist Terry James, I and my wife are on a Christian Mission to Dubai and I came along with our Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Babies and English Bulldog.


After a While, I notice that the Dubai Weather is not good for the puppies. I need someone to adopt both and take care of them.They are AKC REGISTERED: TEACUP. HOME RAISED, VACINES & HEALTH GUARANTEED contact me on evang.terry1@rediffmail.com or evang.terry01@gmail.com


Just me

Evangelist Terry James"


Submitted for your edification and amusement.

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Dubai weather isn't good for dogs? WTF?

But I can see this fooling the old lady with a email account.


You reckon he's being clever ?

Shouldn't be surprised. "My name is Evangelist Terry James..."

Whatever parent names it's off-spring "Evangelist" ? He's a con man :cool:


Thinking about it, I don't rember seeing a dog in Dubai, but I do remember some chinese restaurants.

Maybe the ordinary dog in the street is not allowed ? Evan could have a point. Dog in Dubai ? :cop:

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