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Samick Artist Series 4 string


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I've never cared for the Artist series, personally. They are cheap for a reason. ;) Of course, many samick basses are cheap, p-bass knock-offs that I wouldn't spare a second glance for.


They have a custom line that is rare but pretty damn good and that is the one I owned for several years. Amber finish. 5 piece bubinga/wenge neck w/rosewood fretboard. 2 band active eq. Brass nut. I actually recorded on my band's first cd with that bass. It sounded great live, too. Completely on-par with any Iby, ESP, etc I've played in it's price range.


Also, the Greg Bennett line of Fairlanes, Corsairs, etc aren't bad at all. Probably the best thing samick has going these days. If you are going to get a samick, I would hold out for one of them.


Hope this helps.

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