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Waaay OT: Indiana bass and gun owners.....


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...what's a good place to prurchase firearms within a reasonable radius of Fortwayne, Decatur area?


I have one remington pump.

I'm looking to expand, handgun perhaos a another longgun too.

Open to suggestions also.


Oh and please no political rants on either side. Just looking for gun advice on a bass forum:)

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Personal/home protection-Handgun

Good oldfashioned fun-Rifle (maybe a gunshow goodie)



I like the lever action rifles for fun, either that or semi auto.


If you're just looking for plinking get a .22lr. Ammo is cheap and plentiful. Of you want it to actually kill thing s with bigger than a raccoon, then there are a ton of great 30-30 lever action rifles(Marlin/winchester), or .223 semi-auto's. (SkS, etc)


Personal home protection hangun, I would get something good and reliable.


I have a Glock 19 9mm, a Beretta 92 a Springield XDM for 9mm, and a Sig P226 for my .40 cal.. I still want a good /357 (thinking the new 8-shot S&W) and a good .45 (may go with the springfield XD tactical on this one)



How experienced are you with guns? What's your budget? There are a ton of good choices out there, and with handguns, how it fits your hand is really important. you have to be comfy with it.

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