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OT: StompIO's - Any Users (Yet)?


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I recently DVR'd a DMB show off Pandora and it I think was Bonnarroo last summer, and Stefan was using his Hill basses, and then when I saw his equipment rack, I saw his Ampegs missing! Just his wireless receivers, his Whirlwind selector and Rane 6-channel mixer, a BIG blank spot in the middle (more on this in a sec) and drawers, and 2 power amps at the bottom.


Apparently homeslice is using the StompIO setup into a power amp and cabs!? Crazy I tell ya!




His tone definitely wasn't the same, I can tell you that much. I know he/they don't care as much b/c they're really only hearing their I'm sure sweet ass IEM mix, but still. Would you do this on the road? Run your whole rig through a friggin' laptop??

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