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Hello. We are a band in Albuquerque, looking for a private investor to provide monetary backing for us to tour, promote, and propel our artistic "venture" forward.

This could also be worded as: we are an art rock band with day jobs and looking for someone with expendable finances to support us.

We have looked for government grants, and arts grants with no luck.

We are educated, creative, positive, people who could use a little help.

Are you also and artist who would like to support that?






Band seeks private investigator to track down and reveal the identity of the people making fun of our request to total strangers to finance our music because we lack the dedication to pursue it full time, but want the benefits of a band that has proven itself by years of touring and gigging.

Investigator should:

Drive a borrowed Ferrari

Have an awesome mustache

Wear a Special Forces ring and Detroit Tigers hat

Have a black friend from the Special Forces with a helicopter who is willing to take you around anytime (we have reason to believe this will be an invaluable resource in your investigation)

A kick ass theme song - (We'll write it if someone will fund our efforts)

and a British guy hiding his identity as a wealthy author who nags him often, but deep down, loves him.

Also, he should be friends with Rick, who doesn't look like he'd cut it in the Special Forces, but did somehow, because Rick knows how to party and get the ladies.


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