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Funkee's featured forumite o' de week!! 2/27/2009


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Hey F-1!


Thanks for the exposure mang! And thank for the kind words from all the posters. This can be a rough crowd sometimes...............but not today. I mean a "GERP" from Lug? instead of a "you guys don't suck is..... well.....um..........I don't know what the hell it means! :facepalm:


Sorry about the website but I made a top-notch deal with my brother. He got some kid he knows (who is apparently learning as he goes) to make the website and I gave him my spankin' new John Deere lawn tractor. Can I make a deal or what? Its one of the few things of value I got in the divorce.


Loud Gas and Electric is really me, my guitarist and EZDrummer. In the next month I will be posting a remix of the song "Rosie" with none other than our very own Guttermouth on drums. He was kind enough to breath a little life into the song and help a brah out!


Anyhoo, thanks again all for the comments!


Not to rub it in............ but tomorrow a.m. (very a.m.) I'm off for a week of surfing in Costa Rica! I'll post a couple of pics in a couple of days. :cool:



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