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What a problem to have


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So, the university jazz groups I play bass with will be hosting two guest artists next quarter.


Roland Vasquez(Warning-site has sound)


Michael Spiro


They're both insanely good musicians, and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to play with them. I got the music we're doing (all Vazquez compositions) tonight, and I have my work cut out for me-Vazquez' usual bass player is Anthony Jackson, so the parts are pretty complex. :eek:


With the Jackson factor in mind, the parts are best played on a 6 (due to position and range as much as anything), so I'm perversely hoping that the STR doesn't sell before the concert. If it does, I'll be forced to work out the parts on my four-strings to make up for the lack of a low B, because the pieces require too great a range to tune BEAD. I can't really keep it until the concert date (May 9th), though, since my Skjold is due to be completed sometime in May, and I can't afford/don't want to forfeit the bass or my deposit.


I also perversely hope that the Skjold doesn't get done before the concert, because if it does, I will be strongly tempted to play it, even if my fretless skills aren't up to snuff.


Woe is me. :D:facepalm:

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