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Unique bass neck identification


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I'm curious if anyone out there has heard of a "Saunders" (4 string) electric bass neck. I bought it (new) on ebay but the seller (from Wisconsin) had no info on it. It's generally a 34"scale P-bass style with a highly-charactered maple neck, skunk stripe and a rosewood fretted fingerboard w/dot inlays, but is slimmer than most P-bass clones and has a big kooky headstock and high gloss (poly?) finish. It's really unique and cool looking in a wacky sort of way, and is a sweet playing neck functionally. It does have a multi-digit serial # (?) on the heel and the large "Saunders" decal was professionally made/applied under the clearcoat... so it seems like a production model as compared to a "one-off". Goggling "Saunders" didn't lead to specific info/details related. Anyone have a clue? Thanks. GEO

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