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Trip to guitar stores, reviews.


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Spent a little time in SamAsh & GC today.


Regarding the price increases for F*nder, I noticed the 'beat the feb. 1 price increases' poster in Sam Ash, and noticed the F*nders on the wall that had been there BEFORE Feb 1 sporting the higher price. :cop:


Geddy's for $1200 - never looked so ugly with that price tag.


MIA's for $1300. Goffiger.


Played some Standard Jazz basses and the finish and tone on them was really nice. Played a rosewood neck, sunburst that almost had to be pried out of my hands. Great growly, focused jazz tone. $500. I think the MIA's and Geddys will be hanging around for a while.


Lakland Skyline 5 string. HORRIBLE finish and fretwork. Like having barbed wire on the neck. I've had three SX basses and the fit & finish was better.


SamAsh actually had a Ric in stock. New 4003 Fireglo. The current shade of fireglo being produced by Ric today is the best looking ever. It, however, had a chunky neck. Not my cup 'o tea.


Also played the Juno G. :love: That's my current GAS. A very nice selection of synth sounds and I really want to dig into its recording & looping features.


They had the blue ATK that's currently being blown out. The finish on it was much darker than in the pix. The body was on the heavy side and had a nice tone. Living up to the ATK name.


Ibby SRX 475. Nice feel and useable tones. Good sounds for metal, thin fast neck - what you'd expect.

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