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forget Nostradamus...how 'bout deToqueville...must read


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This link is to an article written by a guy named Ledeen at his Pajamas blog about the genius of Alexis de Toqueville [1805-1859]. This is serious stuff, and seriously brilliant writing, imo. If you're political at all, you'll probably like this...



It is evident that our associations, along with religion one of the two keys to the great success of the American experiment, are prime targets for the appetite of the state. In the seamless web created by the new tyranny, everything from the Boy Scouts to smoking clubs will be strictly regulated. It is no accident that the campaign to drive religion out of American public life began in the 1940s, when the government was consolidating its unprecedented expansion during the Depression and the Second World War, having asserted its control over a wide range of activities that had previously been entrusted to the judgment of private groups and individuals.




Permitting the central government to assume our proper responsibilities is not merely a transfer of power from us to them; it does grave damage to our spirit. It subverts our national character. In Tocqueville
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