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G&L 2500 vs. G&L Tribute 2500


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From what i've read they apparently have all the same electronics/neck/hardware.

Is the US one really worth 2x's the price of the Tribute?


I can't compare directly, but I have owned a US L2K and a tribute SB-2/JB-2. Now don't me wrong, the SB/JB were very nice instruments, and I'd put them ahead of most other instruments in the same price range... But there's just something about my US. I can't quite put my finger on it. It's not the setup, the other ones played very well... I really don't know. Sorry I couldn't be helpful :p


If you're looking at G&L's, the US's regularly go for $650-900 depending on the model/customizations. A few extra hundred is DEFINITELY worth the extra cash. I can understand the hesitation if you're looking to buy new though and it'll be 3x as much.

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