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Bonkley Report: See? I told you they read this forum!


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I wouldn't have picked Zac Efron, but I know I said Dwayne Johnson would be a great Race bannon!


Efron and Johnson talk about Jonny Quest Movie!


"High School Musical" franchise star Zac Efron talked to Moviehole about possibly starring in a live-action adaptation of "Jonny Quest" at Warner Bros. Pictures. Race to Witch Mountain director Andy Fick and star Dwayne Johnson are circling the project as well.


Efron would play the title role, while Johnson would play Race Bannon. The popular 1960s animated Hanna-Barbera TV series revolved around a young boy who travels the world with his scientist father, adopted brother from India, Bandit the bulldog, and a government agent (Bannon) assigned to protect them as they go on their adventures investigating scientific mysteries.


Efron says the project is in its early stages. "It's a long, long process. It's so hard when people start leaking tidbits. They're very, very early on [with it]

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