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Big props to 3 forumites...


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First, to BigPigPeaches, for some input on my pup's eye. It feels good to have agreeing opinions on my little girl. My initial question was if it could be just something like an eye poke from hopping through the woods, and would it be worth waiting a day or two to see if it cleared. Well, that's not the case, and I'm glad I saw the vet pronto anyway.


Second, I received the black tuners from Mikgag yesterday. Next bass project in the planning stages. Wonder how many years this one can take?


Third, Misterhinkydink, for spotting a '74 Ampeg fliptop on the 'bay for me, and offering some input and answers along the way. Great stuff! Yes, one day, a '70's model will be mine!


Tanx a million guys!


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