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Catphish et al: the April Fools edition...


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Fermilab restrooms will go paperless.


In an effort to do its part for the environment, last week Fermilab's Facilities Engineering Services Section decided to go green by removing all paper products from the restrooms in Wilson Hall.


This latest green initiative follows on the removal of paper towels in the first floor restrooms. Last year, FESS replaced the paper towels in the first floor restrooms with high-speed hand dryers. This first green effort went so well so that the FESS Green Committee decided to take it to the next level by removing all paper products in all restrooms in Wilson Hall.


"We just want to make our contribution to help the environment," said FGC Chair Bill Griffing. "We will save acres and acres of trees by not supplying the restrooms with toilet paper any more. The committee unaminously agreed that this is the right thing to do for our laboratory and the planet."


For employees with concerns about paperless bathrooms, the FGC plans to issue a report on recommended alternatives to paper by the end of the fiscal year.

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