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Good Afternoon, Sad Reason


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A local musician (mostly singer/guitar/keyboards) has been performing for nearly 30 years around here, and now he has throat cancer. They shipped him to Houston for treatment and he is now at home. A bunch of fellow musicians got together today for a fund-raiser to help defray medical expenses.


On one hand, musicians never get to watch each other because we are always playing at the same times. It was REALLY great to listen to other bands, sit down and talk and catch up on the mis-adventures of each other. Very, very cool seeing Mike, Nicky, Allan, Robert, Stan, Wayne, Johnny, and Stacey again. I have worked with all of them from time to time, and they have sat in for me from time to time.


On the other hand, throat cancer. I dunno. Denny didn't make it to his own fundraiser. Sad.


Keep him in your prayers.

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