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Just watched "Trumpet of the Swan"!


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I loved that book as a child! I liked it better than "Stuart Little" and when I heard an animated feature was being made, I was pretty stoked. Then I started hearing how horrible it was, and avoided seeing it for years, despite a soundtrack by my hero, Marcus Miller!


Well, it came on HBO this morning and I finally saw it. The reports of it's suckitude are exaggerated, but boy do I wish Dreamworks or Disney had done it instead of whoever did it.


The animation looks like those old 70's era Saturday morning cartoons (Think Ghostbusters... Not the Real Ghostbusters, but that other one, with the Gorilla, or the "New Tom and Jerry....where they were friends! ewwww).


They changed a couple of things. Louis is new Louie, and instead of holding the trumpet with his webbed foot, he uses his wings....:facepalm:


But it was ok. Not great, not horrible.... just OK.


Music is good tho......

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