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OT: Most useful Firefox add-ons

Taustin Powers

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Here's mine:


Adblock Plus:

Removes ad banners when loading websites - you'll realize just how wonderful it really is once you go back to browsing on a machine without it!


Flash Killer:

Puts placeholders for all flash items. You can load/activate them individually by clicking on them - really useful when browsing Myspace profiles with {censored}loads of videos and slideshows!


Tab Splitter:

Splits your browser tab in half, so you can A/B websites' contents. The newest version works really well!



Like switching apps in Windows with Alt+Tab, this switches tabs in your browser window.


Google Preview:

Adds thumbnails of the websites to your search results.

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Fox Clocks

Never really had a use for other time zones but now my work is global so it's actually useful to know what time it is GMT, UK, China and Brazil.


I just use Timeanddate.com for this. You can set up a page with clocks for all the cities/countries that you need to see. Also it'll help you organise meetings between different timezones... i.e. finding a suitable time during business hours in each region. This is a pain to do otherwise! :facepalm:

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Same here. It's awesome!

It even works for me in places where normal FTP upload software wont.



That's what turned me on to it. I have a super old FTP program I normally use as it's clean quick and easy. But lately it's been having timeout issues that I don't get with FireFTP so I'm slowly migrating to it full time. I'd use it FT but it's part habit to open the old one and I haven't yet found a way to get it to load straight to a specified folder each time like the other does, which saves me much grief normally.

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Main Ones I Use (i.e. "Have to Have's"):


Webmail Notifier

Adblock Plus

Clean and Close

Download Statusbar

IE Tab

Tab Mix Plus




One's I use, but could do without if I had a gun to my head:


Download Helper


Clear Private Data


There are a couple more, but they are even less important.


And theme - Kempelton

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